Preparing Your Boat for the Ohio Boating Season

Now that spring has finally arrived, it’s time to turn our attention to outdoor activities. Ohio boat owners will soon be out on the state’s gorgeous lakes, soaking up the sun, fishing and just enjoying the view.

But you don’t want to head on out to the lake without properly preparing your boat following its winter slumber. We have some great tips outlined below to ensure that you have a safe and fun outing at your Ohio Lakefront Property.

Check Your Boat’s Fuel System

It is imperative that you check your boat’s fuel system for signs of damage or leaks. Closely inspect the tank surfaces, connections and fuel hoses. If you notice any cracks or softness in the fuel hose, it’s damaged.

You will need to replace all compromised components before taking your boat out onto the lake. Also, be sure to verify that the exhaust, engine and ventilation systems are functioning properly.

Inspect Your Boat’s Hoses, Belts and Cables

Next on your list is to check the integrity of your boat’s hoses, belts and cables. There is a chance that they became brittle while sitting in storage during the cold winter months.

Before you take your boat out for the season, make sure the battery is in good shape.

Each belt should fit snugly around the pulleys to guard against slipping. If you spot any black residue by the pulley or if the belt fits loosely, the belt is worn and needs to be repaired or replaced. Check the throttle’s outer jacket as well as the shift and steering control cables for any swelling or cracks.

Mind Your Boat’s Electrical System

The boat’s electrical connections should be clean, taut and free of corrosion. If corrosion is present, it should be removed with a wire brush. Charge up the boat’s battery, then give it a test to verify that it holds a charge. You don’t want to get stranded in the middle of the lake!

Change the Fluids

Examine your boat’s fluid levels before starting your boat up. The power steering, engine oil, coolant and power trim reservoirs should all be checked. If you didn’t change out the previous season’s engine oil, drive lubricants and oil filter before putting the boat away for winter storage, change them out now.

Find the Lakefront Home of Your Dreams

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own home on one of Ohio’s stunning lakes? A lakefront home would allow you take your boat out onto the water whenever you liked and access a number of family-friendly attractions without a hassle.

Posted by Chris Mosier – The Lake Team

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