Ohio Lakefront Community Spotlight: Lake Mohawk

Ohio Lakefront Community Spotlight: Lake Mohawk

Over the past few years as I have worked across the sate of Ohio bringing dozens of lakefront buyers together with their dream lake house I have realized that one of the big reasons why potential buyers have a hard time finding their lake house on their own is because a large chunk of lakes in Ohio are relatively unheard of. Of the several dozen lakes I work across the state I would say that more than half aren’t widely know outside their general area or closest big city. Most of them self title themselves as “Ohio’s Best Kept Secret”. This leads to many potential buyers not being able to find the lake, or to even know what the potential benefits of living there are, or what great listings the lake has to offer. In this week’s blog I am going to go over one of my favorite lakes: Lake Mohawk. Hopefully this information can reach a few people who may not otherwise have heard of such a great Ohio Lakefront Community.

This past summer I had the pleasure of working with HGTV’s Lakefront Bargain Hunt where one of the two lakes in the episode was Lake Mohawk, and as I showed my clients around the lake I realized what a great place it was. Of course I can’t tell you what decision my clients reached, that will be revealed this spring when the episode airs! Mohawk is located in Malvern Ohio, approximately 1 hour south of Akron, and 1.5 hours south of Cleveland and a little over 2 hours from Columbus and Pittsburgh. Established in 1963 by the American Realty Service Corporation, the lake is a 507 acre man made spring fed lake with over 1,700 acres of land inside the gated community.

Lake Mohawk may seem small to some, if they are used to big lakes such as Indian and lake Erie, however Lake Mohawk is actually the third largest PRIVATE lake in Ohio, right behind Apple Valley and Roaming Shores. Being private and gated gives it an extra sense of privacy and security. As a private lake, only residents can use the lake and its amenities leading many to believe that the lake is in better condition than most. That limited use combined with an average depth of 12-30 feet makes Mohawk a lot less susceptible to algae problems than other lakes in Ohio. Run by an established HOA the community has a reasonable HOA fee and new member fee. The fee is worth it however as Lake Mohawk is equipped with a very nice golf course, tennis courts, baseball field and more than one awesome beach with sand volleyball and pavilions!

Residents from all different locations also love Mohawk for it’s boating, at 507 acres with a full service marina and no horsepower limit boaters can enjoy skiing and tubing! I myself have been thrown from a tube out at Lake Mohawk on more than one occasion. The community even has a ski club that residents can join, not to mention a golf and fishing club. Speaking of which, Mohawk is known as a top fishing spot for bass and holds regular tournaments through the fishing and sportsman clubs. Not to mention that the the lake itself is in good health at Mohawk as management has done a good job of treating nuisance levels of aquatic vegetation and keeping the lake vegetation balanced.

Now for the boring numbers part!

The real estate market for Mohawk has been healthy the past few years. Lakefront lots can range from $110,000 up to $200,000 approximately depending on the size of the lot, lake frontage and steepness. Since a lot of lots at Mohawk have a steep lakefront side, if a lot is relatively flat it will bring more money. As far as existing homes, prices can range from $200,000 – $300,000 if the property needs a major rehab, or can range from $300,000 – $700,000 depending on size and view of the lake. The majority of the homes sold have been under the $500,000 mark which makes it more affordable than most lakefront communities in the state, considering all the amenities and the views that come along with these beautiful lakefront homes!

Contact your lakefront specialist if you think Lake Mohawk would be a good fit for you!

Written By -Justin Shelton Lakefront Consultant – The Lake Team

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