4 Desirable and Affordable Lakefront Communities in Ohio

4 Desirable and Affordable Lakefront Communities in Ohio

One of the major myths out there about buying a lake house is that you can’t buy a lake house unless you have a lot of money, and that lake houses are super expensive. Now there is some truth in that you do get what you pay for, you won’t ever be able to buy a lakefront mansion for next to nothing, however there are several affordable lakefront communities in Ohio. Over the years as being a lakefront consultant I can tell you that if you are flexible with lake size and location (both of the lake and on the lake) then you can find a lake house that meets your price range. And to top it off these lake homes are not tear downs, they are beautiful lake houses that give buyers their dream house at a reasonable price.

Holiday Lakes

Holiday lakes is a private 221 acre lake located in Willard Ohio, about 1 hour and 45 minutes North from Columbus. The lake is relatively unknown in the Columbus area due to the drive but this is a shame because the lake is absolutely beautiful. Holiday has great views, offers two beaches, tennis courts a lakefront restaurant and much more! With no horsepower limit and a shape great for skiing the lake is a great place for recreational boaters and people looking for a weekend getaway. The lakefront market at Holiday is steady and consistently has nice lakefront homes with great views between 200k – 300k. Compared to other popular and well known lakes in Ohio, Holiday has a great price range for buyers looking for a nice private lake under the 300k price range.

Atwood Lake

Located just south of the Akron area Atwood is a large public lake with clean water and awesome views for a reasonable price range. With a 25 HP Limit Atwood is a little more quiet and calm than other lakes but still offers residents a great lakefront lifestyle with a great beach and more than one lakefront restaurant! Recently featured on HGTV Lakefront Bargain Hunt, this lake is a great place to find your dream lake house! As part of the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District, Atwood residents very rarely own the land, but instead pay an annual lease fee to the organization in order to have the structure on the lakefront land. This has had a nice effect of keeping the price range lower because you don’t have to pay the land value. This set up allows people who are looking under the 325k range to find several different options.

Roaming Shores

Roaming Shores is the largest private lake in Ohio at 550 acres and is located in Ashtabula County, a perfect spot for people from the Cleveland or Akron area to find a weekend getaway! The lake has several amenities including pools, a lodge, restaurant and marina but the main attraction is the beautiful lake that is great for all boaters! Along the main body of water homes can reach a higher price range due to large expansive views, but for anyone looking for simply water access or wants a cove front house for the calm and quiet setting compared to the busy atmosphere of the main lake, cove front lake homes at roaming shores are the reason it is an affordable lakefront community. Cove front will always be a little lower than main lake homes at every lake but Roaming Shores cove front homes can be found under the 250k mark on a regular basis and even some main lake homes can be found under 350k depending on size and condition!

Berlin Lake

Berlin Lake (one of my favorite lakes in the state) is a great lake to be at if you want to look across the lake and see wooded views. Lakefront property at Berlin is not as common as other lakes, but this 3,341 acre lake is great for tubing and enjoying large panoramic views. The lake is not densely populated and most lakefront lots are wooded giving the lake a more rustic feel in most locations. Located close to Youngstown, Akron and Cleveland Berlin Lake is a great place for a weekend lakefront cottage. The lakefront market is limited but when homes do come up they are often smaller 2 bedroom cottages with great views under the 250k mark. Even when larger lakefront homes come up they stay under the 400k range, usually around 350k, making Berlin a great affordable lakefront community.

A few things to remember about affordable lakefront communities is that the word “affordable” is all relative to your own personal lifestyle! Also remember that every lake always has deals waiting to be found, and cove front homes generally run a little less costly than main lake homes simply due to the difference in view! Cove front or main lake is a personal choice and should be made depending on what kind of lakefront lifestyle you want to live! And last but not least Life is Short – Buy The Lake House!

Written By Justin Shelton Lakefront Consultant – The Lake Team



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