Creative Design Ideas for Your Custom Ohio Lake House

Creative Design Ideas for Your Custom Ohio Lake House

For all lakefront buyers in Ohio most of them will realize that lake houses are generally different than regular residential homes. This is true for view, layout, location, maintenance and all other items related to owning a home. For everyone out there who is looking to build a lake house, remodel a lake house, or just add a flair to your current lake house there a few creative design ideas that we should go over that may be of interest to you!

Deck on Top of Your Boat Lift

This is a common design at some lakes including Apple Valley Lake, but the design has yet to catch up at many lakes in Ohio. As many lake home owners will realize is that if they are recreational lake users such as boating, tubing, fishing etc, most owners will spend the majority of their time down by their deck and boat lift. By adding a deck on top of the boat lift you give your selves extra deck space to entertain and sun bath, as well as give yourselves an even better lake view by lifting yourself above lake level!

Outside Bar

For all the lake home entertainers out there many will realize that at active and “party atmosphere” lakes, wet bars and wine cellars can quickly become a must have at your lake house. Many home owners will put a wet bar in the walkout basement but by putting one outside, this creative design for your lake house will allow you to more easily entertain guests outside while also having a good time!

Second Story Owner’s Suite

In this day and age most home owner’s worry about having a first floor owner’s suite for easy first floor living once you hit retirement age. This makes it easier to retire in and makes it more desirable for re-sale value. However, at a lake house it is a good idea to have a first floor owner’s suite for both desirability and re-sale value, however the creative design would be to put a second owner’s suite on the second story. When you do this, make sure to put the room against the side of the house facing the lake and give it a wall of windows and it’s own deck. By making this expansive owner’s suite with a great lake view, both you and guests will want to stay up there just for the view!

Put the Kitchen in the Basement

This creative design may seem a little out there but it is becoming more and more popular among lake home owner’s, I recently saw this type of set up at a home at Atwood Lake and absolutely fell in love with it! By putting the kitchen in the basement you combine the two areas you spend the most time at in your lake house! The kitchen and the walkout basement. This allows you do what you need to do in the kitchen while entertaining guests and enjoying the lake view all at the same time!

Hopefully these creative design ideas for your Ohio lake house helped you out! For more ideas please make sure to contact your lakefront specialist. And remember life is short so Buy the Lake House!

Written By Justin Shelton Lakefront Consultant – The Lake Team



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