6 Lakefront Communities Within 1 Hour Drive of Columbus Ohio

There are 6 lakefront communities within 1 hour drive of Columbus Ohio. This is important to know because the drive time to reach a lake house is one the most important items to figure out when deciding on what lake to live at. If the drive time is too long then buyers will not use the home as much as they intended. This leads them to sell it again within a few years. When this happens then buyers will never have utilized it as much as they had envisioned. If the drive is too short then the home may start to feel like a primary residence, not a secondary home. Below are some details about each of these lakes and their respective travel times.

6 Lakefront Communities Within 1 Hour Drive of Columbus Ohio

1. Hoover Reservoir is the closest lake to Columbus Ohio. This lake sits within Westerville and Galena, two subdivisions of Columbus. Hoover is over 3,000 acres and has miraculous views and a wonderful location close to shopping and restaurants. Lake activities are limited and monitored at Hoover in order to protect the drinking water it contains. Since the lake sits within Columbus, many people have taken the opportunity to have their primary home also be their lake home by consolidating the two into a house located at Hoover Reservoir. The beautiful views and great sailing opportunities make this lake a popular choice.

2. Choctaw Lake is located in London Ohio, and Choctaw is the second closest lake to Columbus. This private 285 acre lake has unlimited horsepower, allows jet skis and has it’s own 24 hour security by a special section of the Madison County Police. Buyers can reach Choctaw Lake in 45 minutes from any subdivision of Columbus. Owners who live on the east side of Columbus can reach the lake in only half an hour. But since Choctaw is such a short drive, and more of a subdivision setting, owners often find themselves feeling as if Choctaw Lake isn’t a “get-a-way home. Just as in the case with Hoover Reservoir, many owners will have their primary and lake home combined into one home at Choctaw Lake, especially if their work is on the east side of Columbus.

3. Hide-a-Way Hills, is a private and gated community, located south of Columbus. Hide-a-Way Hills contains five separate lakes, the largest of them is The Lake of Four Seasons. This lake allows jet skis and unlimited horsepower boating. The community has a ton of amenities including a golf course, disc golf course, amphitheater and tennis courts. From southern subdivisions of Columbus, Hide-a-Way Hills can be reached in 50 minutes. But from the northern subdivisions such as Powell and Dublin the drive can take up to 70 minutes. The good news is that the drive is easy and along the interstate for most of the way. The better news is that the drive time is perfect for a get-a-way home; the woods, hills and natural wildlife all come together to give the complete “cabin in the woods feeling”.

4. Buckeye Lake, located just 45 minutes east of Columbus, is one of the easiest drives for a lakefront buyer. The lake is over 3,000 acres and allows power boats of all sizes as well as unlimited horsepower. The lake is a residential hub full of homes and businesses alike. Buckeye has all-encompassing views and great fishing opportunities, as well as several parks and campgrounds for use. The lake offers owners a short drive to a big lake full of opportunities.

5. Candlewood Lake is the second longest drive of all 5 lakefront communities within 1 hour drive of Columbus. Candlewood pushes the drive time to exactly one hour from the Northern subdivisions. From the southern divisions the drive, although mostly on the interstate, stretches out to a 70 – 75 minute drive. Although the drive may be a little bit longer than the other five lakes, this 250 acre lake has the perfect setting for lakefront buyers. With 140 acres of additional greenspace and parks this beautiful community offers residents a serene lakefront setting. The quiet nature of this lake, combined with its natural beauty is the perfect opportunity for lakefront buyers to be within one hour drive of Columbus.

6. Apple Valley Lake is the furthest drive out of all 6 lakes and only falls within the 1 hour drive range if you live towards the North or northeast parts of Columbus. The second largest private lake in Ohio, Apple Valley is know for it’s wonderful water quality and its vibrant social atmosphere. Residents will find Apple Valley a great place to entertain guests and neighbors all the while enjoying some tubing or skiing on this 511 acre lake with nor horsepower limits. The amount of amenities will attract any buyer as well with 3 beaches,a golf course, community center, marina, and much more!

This was a list of the 6 lakefront communities within 1 hour drive of Columbus. But these lakes may still not be the best fit for each individual lakefront buyer. Ask your lakefront specialist if these lakes are right for you, or if there are other lakes that are still a reasonable drive.

Written by Justin Shelton Lakefront Consultant – The Lake Team

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