Lakefront Communities of Ohio: A List of Private Lakes with a Golf Course

Lakefront Communities of Ohio: A List of Private Lakes with a Golf Course

If there are two hobbies that I see that are more prevalent among Ohio residents (and maybe other states as well) are water sports and golfing. What do the two have in common? They both can be time consuming and expensive that’s for sure, but they can also be very relaxing! And you would not believe how many lakefront buyers I have that always ask where the nearest golf course is when looking at lake communities in Ohio, and are often disappointed when the nearest golf course isn’t right down the street, or too far to drive your actual golf cart there. In regards to public lakes almost all of them have a golf course just around the corner, but just like the lakes these golf courses are also public and can be crowded at times. Wanting a golf course can also be an issue for private lakes in Ohio as not many of them have golf courses inside the community. However, there are a few private lakes with a golf course and are popular among lakefront buyers who also like to do a little golfing on the weekends!

1. Hide-a-way Hills

Hide-a-way Hills is a private lakefront community just 1 hour South of Columbus that has a well regarded golf course. The community itself has a 110 acre lake known as Lake of the Four Seasons with no horsepower limit and allows jet skis. The community is rustic in nature with rugged hills and wildlife and known for it’s cottages and cabins throughout the community. The community is also home to a disc golf course, a lodge with a restaurant and micro-brewery, a pool, tennis court, and an ORV track! The golf course itself is a challenging and well maintained 9-hole course that is very popular among residents. Open to all members of the community the course has several leagues that play throughout the year as well as tournaments. The most favorite tournaments is the annual Calcutta which is a 18 hole scramble held every autumn, where the teams are selected in a blind drawing and organized by handicap. This specific private lake with a golf course is perfect for the lakefront buyer who also happens to be an adamant golfer!

2. Lake Mohawk

Located in Malvern Ohio, Lake Mohawk happens to be the third biggest private lake in Ohio at 507 acres. A private gated community Mohawk is known for it’s excellent water quality and wonderful lake views. The community is popular for water sports and fishing alike as there is no horsepower limit, allows jet skis, and is stocked with catfish, bass and walleye! The community also boasts a challenging 9-hole executive golf course located at the front of the community by the dam. It is well cared for mostly in part due to the Golf Club who constantly maintains, improves and plays on the course throughout the year! It is a popular activity among residents!


3. Apple Valley Lake

Last but not least on the list of private lakes with a golf course in Ohio is Apple Valley Lake, located in Howard OH. This private lake with a golf course is home to some of the best water views in the state and is the second largest private lake at 511 acres! The lake has a community center, three beaches, basketball courts, parks, and is popular among water sports enthusiasts for water skiing and tubing! The community is also home to one of the most popular golf courses in the state. This 18 hole Championship Par 72 course is beautifully maintained and has been a favorite of central Ohio for years! The one thing that makes this golf course different than the other two private lakes golf courses (besides being 18 holes) is that it is in fact not private at all! The lake community is private but the golf course is open to outside guests. But that doesn’t change the fact that for any lakefront buyer at Apple Valley who loves a round of golf, they can hop just a few streets over and enjoy an 18 hole course as part of their weekend get-a-way!


4. Lake Tomahawk

Lake Tomahawk is a private 150 acre lake located in Negley Ohio. The lake is a quaint and peaceful place great for a weekend get-a-way! Residents here enjoy boating, fishing and the volleyball court, basketball court and 200 foot sandy beach! Now Lake Tomahawk doesn’t have a golf course inside the community so it couldn’t be placed on the list, however it does have it’s own driving range! Which of course is the next best thing to having an actual course. Lakefront buyers who also want to golf can enjoy the peaceful lake at Tomahawk as well as work on their long game at the driving range. And if that’s not enough Tomahawk is in driving range (pun intended!) of 4 public golf course! That alone gives it an honorable mention!

For any lakefront buyers out there who absolutely need to play golf on the weekends, these private lakes with a golf course will be perfect for you! Make sure to talk to your lakefront specialist about which of these private lakes with a golf course is best for you and your family! And remember: Life is Short! Buy the Lake House!

Written By Justin Shelton Lakefront Consultant – The Lake Team


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