Spending the Holidays at an Ohio Lake House

Spending the Holidays at Your Ohio Lake House With the holiday season fast approaching potential lake home owners may be interested in knowing various ways they can enjoy spending the holidays at an Ohio lake house. Obviously lake house owners may be tempted to do the status quo and the usual for their holiday plans […]

Top 5 Private Lakes for Sale in Ohio

Top 5 Private Lakes for Sale in Ohio As many of you may recall several months back I wrote a blog pertaining to buying a personal private lake, explaining the options a person had in order to achieve their dream of owning their very own private lake. Just imagine! Owning a piece of water that […]

Lakefront Living Realty Ohio Expansion: Candlewood Lake

Lakefront Living Realty Ohio Expansion: Candlewood Lake For years, Lakefront Living Realty has led the industry in pairing potential buyers with lakefront specialists who were experts in their field and in their specific lake market. Now, Lakefront Living Realty is proud to announce that we have brought on a new full-time lakefront specialist at Candlewood […]

Ice Fishing Safety Tips for Ohio Lakes

With the winter here one of the best activities at Ohio Lakes is ice fishing. But ice fishing has many dangers, as many Ohio anglers will tell you, so its important to know certain ice fishing safety tips to use at Ohio lakes. The first thing to understand that ice is never 100% safe. Never. It doesn’t […]