Spending the Holidays at an Ohio Lake House

Spending the Holidays at Your Ohio Lake House

With the holiday season fast approaching potential lake home owners may be interested in knowing various ways they can enjoy spending the holidays at an Ohio lake house. Obviously lake house owners may be tempted to do the status quo and the usual for their holiday plans but often times there is no better way spending the holiday than with family at the lake house, and below are some reasons why.

Great Holiday Parties

Almost every lake community whether private or public will have holiday parties within the community, especially for Christmas. These parties are often times held at the community center or lodge and residents can enjoy a great view while enjoying the holiday season. And not to mention that with every great lake party there is always a few bottles of wine to share!

Change of Scenery

A change of plans for the holidays can be a good thing. A lot of families often wish and dream of a fancy vacation for a holiday, taking the family away for Christmas or Thanksgiving instead of staying at the house similar to years past. Lakes like Seneca Lake give residents the rustic feel that is perfect for a scenery change. Just imagine it now, snow is falling, a wood fire is burning in the living room, you can see the lake from where you sit and everybody gathers around to carve and eat delicious turkey, or opening presents on Christmas morning. it would be an experience that the entire family would remember for years to come.

Catch Holiday Dinner Yourself

Most public lakes such as Indian Lake  have public land nearby available for hunting. What another wonderful way to create memories with the family that you may otherwise never have the opportunity too. Nothing makes Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner taste as good as having caught it fresh yourself. Unless of course you are opposed to hunting and in which case most lakes are also conveniently located close to a grocery store where you can always have freshly bought turkey and ham!

Disconnect for the Holidays

Going along with the change of scenery, traveling out to the lake house for the holidays also gives the opportunity to disconnect from the world and technology. Some lakes such as Pleasant Hill have limited cell phone service to begin with. But for all the lakes where service is available the simple act of leaving out of town and putting distance between you and all the distraction of the world, such as work, gives you and your family the chance to enjoy a much more intimate time spending the holidays at an Ohio lake house.

In summary, spending the holidays at an Ohio lake house can be a fun and rewarding experience. Check with your family to see if spending Thanksgiving and Christmas at your lake house is an option for you.

Written by Justin Shelton Lakefront Consultant – The Lake Team





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