Preparing to Sell Your Ohio Lake Home

If you’ve decided to sell your Ohio lake home, think about what drew you to the property to begin with. It was probably the lake, right?

Prospective buyers will not only be looking at your house, but also the lake by your home. That’s why it’s critical that you draw buyer’s attention to the lake, as well as your home. Here are four things you can do to attract buyers to your home and the lake near it.

1. Have Great “Shore” Appeal

Buyers will most certainly walk out to the lake near your home. Take a good look at the shoreline by your home. You can really improve the appearance by raking up leaves and unsightly debris.

If it’s not the most beautiful season at your lake home, consider leaving photos around the house showcasing your shoreline during a more flattering time of year.

2. Ensure a Breathtaking View of the Lake from Your Home

A buyer will probably be looking for the “view” as soon as they walk in your home. Glass doors and windows should be spotless. Window treatments should be fresh and clean and left open whenever possible.

Buyers are probably looking at your lake home because they're interested in lake activities.

3. Set the Tone for Lakefront Living

Buyers are probably looking at your Ohio lake home because they’re interested in lake activities. Make sure your “lake gear” is out and visible, so they’ll be reminded of what having your home will mean.

Leave your canoe, boat, life jackets, fishing gear, skis, etc., out for all to see. Ensure that patio furniture is clean and placed in a prime place for a great lake view.

4. Evaluate Docks and Decks

Docks and decks should be solid and sturdy. If there are any loose or damaged boards, those should be replaced or repaired. You may want to consider roping off a floating deck. It could pose a safety hazard for those who are not familiar with walking on them.

Lakefront Living: Expert Real Estate Brokerage

When you’re ready to put your Ohio lake home on the market, contact Lakefront Living Realty. We are a real estate brokerage that deals strictly with purchasing and selling lakefront property.

We have constructed a database of lakefront homes across Ohio that customers can quickly access with just a few clicks. Our knowledgeable agents have expertise in their individual lakes and provide clients with in-depth information on the lake they are interested in.

When clients are ready to see your lake home, our lakefront special agents will take them on a lake “discovery tour” by boat, so they can truly experience the lake and get a feel for the amenities in the area.

Your lakefront property can be viewed by 60,000 lakefront buyers who visit our site each month. Prospective buyers can learn about your home and the lake it’s located on. At Lakefront Living, we take pride in not only selling lakefront homes, but also selling the lakefront lifestyle. Contact us today or visit our website to find out how we can best serve you!

Discover the tree “E”‘s of our Lakefront Listing Services:

  • Experience – We know lakes and the lifestyle – that is all we do!
  • Exposure – Over 8,000 registered lakefront buyers with 60,000 site visitors per month
  • Expertise – Our team has over 30 years of Lakefront Real Estate experience

Posted by Chris Mosier – The Lake Team

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