Ohio Lake Home Inspection: 5 Key Items to Inspect

Ohio Lake Home Inspection: 5 Key Items to Inspect In every real estate transaction you take part of your agent should always encourage you to get inspections on any home that you are purchasing. It can never be stressed enough that homes can and will have things wrong with them and that you should always […]

Lakefront Living Realty Ohio Expansion: Candlewood Lake

Lakefront Living Realty Ohio Expansion: Candlewood Lake For years, Lakefront Living Realty has led the industry in pairing potential buyers with lakefront specialists who were experts in their field and in their specific lake market. Now, Lakefront Living Realty is proud to announce that we have brought on a new full-time lakefront specialist at Candlewood […]

Ice Fishing Safety Tips for Ohio Lakes

With the winter here one of the best activities at Ohio Lakes is ice fishing. But ice fishing has many dangers, as many Ohio anglers will tell you, so its important to know certain ice fishing safety tips to use at Ohio lakes. The first thing to understand that ice is never 100% safe. Never. It doesn’t […]

3 Common Mistakes Made By Ohio Lakefront Buyers

3 Common Mistakes Made by Ohio Lakefront Buyers Often buyers make the mistake that buying a lakefront home in Ohio is the same as buying any other property. It’s not, and too often, if a person is not working with a lakefront specialist they can make a substantial mistake. So here are 3 common mistakes […]

Preparing to Sell Your Ohio Lake Home

If you’ve decided to sell your Ohio lake home, think about what drew you to the property to begin with. It was probably the lake, right? Prospective buyers will not only be looking at your house, but also the lake by your home. That’s why it’s critical that you draw buyer’s attention to the lake, […]