Top 5 Interior Design Tips For Creating: Lake Lifestyle

Top 5 Interior Design Tips For Creating: Lake Lifestyle

Justina Banks

There are many who wish their lake home interior mirrored the homes featured on their favorite HGTV shows. We understand that not all of us have the opportunity to hire Chip & Joanna Gaines to makeover our house to a home. However, we’re asking our lakefront specialist, Justina Banks (who also happens to have a background in interior design & has helped stage homes featured on HGTV!), for pointers on exactly how it is that she delivers “lake lifestyle” worthy makeovers to her clients’ dream lake homes.


Tip #1 Lighting

Q: How important is lighting? Be it natural or overhead?

A: Lighting is everything! Whether it is natural lighting (always my favorite), overhead, or accent lighting- it can truly make or break a space. Lighting can make a home feel inviting, warm and cozy. Unfortunately it can just as easily make you feel like you are walking down the frozen food aisle at your local grocery. Even if you aren’t quite ready to replace your light fixtures, swapping for a warmer bulb can make all the difference!

Tip #2 Paint Colors

Q: Do you have a preferred color palette?

A: My preferred color palette typically does not stray very far from white, gray, or sand. I like to keep things light, bright, airy & neutral. This allows me to bring in pops of color throughout the home without it feeling overwhelming or chaotic. Regardless, if it is a primary or secondary home- it should always feel like your safe place to escape the stresses of everyday life. I strive to create serene spaces that are inviting, casual and lake inspired. It’s amazing how much more time we spend at home once we can genuinely appreciate the space!

Tip #3 Design Style

Q: Is there a specific design style your clients seem to prefer when desiring the “lake lifestyle” feel?

A: As a long time lover of the water, I always do my best to bring the outside in; and  incorporate that tranquil, lake-feel wherever I go. My design style is so laid back and refreshing that it doesn’t change much between lake clients, city clients and so on.

Tip #4 Lake vs. City

Q: Is decorating a lake home different from one’s typical residence?

A: It all depends on the client’s wants and needs, but for the most part, there are just small changes. Maybe a bit more casual and nautical than a primary home. A lot of lake homes are smaller than our primary residence, so it becomes more about maximizing what space is there and making it incredibly functional, all while trying to accommodate as many guests as possible. At the end of the day, I’d say the only real difference is that with lake home I tend to think a little differently in terms of fabric choices and durability. There is always a way to balance practicality with good looks!

Tip #5 Budget-Friendly

Q: What’s an inexpensive tip that truly transforms one’s home?

A: I can’t choose just one, but some of my favorites are adding
texture, anything green that resembles a plant, blankets and great throw pillows! For texture (and again, to bring the outside, in) I love to find bits and pieces of driftwood, which is always lake home appropriate! Adding pops of green that resemble plants, or an actual plant, gives the space a bit of life. Never underestimate the power of a good plant! Lastly, blankets and throw pillows. Sofas are a big investment and a lot of people might not be able to afford replacing their sofa with every new RH catalog that comes along (nor would they want to!), but blankets and throw pillows can totally transform and update a sofa to make it feel and look new again without investing an entire month’s paycheck!

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