5 Reasons to Attend Ohio Lakefront Living Realty Buyer’s Seminar

5 Reasons to Attend Ohio Lakefront Living Realty Buyer’s Seminar

As Ohio Lakes are about to be in prime season- the prefect prerequisite for any Buyer desiring to purchase their dream lake home is attending this educational seminar on “Keys to Purchasing an Ohio Lake Home.” Attendees will learn about Ohio lakes that offer residences and recreation, as well as answers to 37 questions that they never thought to ask about purchasing a lake home. We are adamant about making this a valuable education experience- not a commercial for the hosts!

Lakefront Living Realty along with other passionate lake living partners will host the same seminar at two separate locations. April 29th from 10AM-12PM at Apple Valley Lake in Howard at the Apple Valley Clubhouse and April 30th from 2PM-4PM at Candlewood Lake in Mt. Gilead at their clubhouse. Please join us and gain the “must know” knowledge before purchasing a lake home, as well as enjoy light refreshments and a chance to win a kayak! Attendance is free but registration is required! Click Here to Register Today!

We are also excited to announce that Lakefront Living Realty will be featured nationally on HGTV’s new hit series, “Lakefront Bargain Hunt Renovation” (airing May 6th @ 9pm). The show will focus on several central Ohio families and local businesses combining their love of lake life to help a couple find and remodel their dream home at Apple Valley Lake.

Check out the video below before reading our top 5 reasons to attend!

5. Win a Free Kayak!

That’s right, every year at our buyer’s seminar we raffle off free lake related gear and items- including a kayak! The seminar is always fun and people love the opportunity to win free stuff!

4. Learn Vital Information

As stated before, the purpose of each seminar is to present potential buyers with vital information they need to know before purchasing a lake home. Most people are not aware that buying a lake home is drastically different from buying your typical residence. Buyers will be presented with information about various lake types, seawalls and docks, septic systems, varying rules and regulations, boating, lake locations, water quality, etc.! Not to mention buyers will be informed as to why knowing all this information truly matters. Every year buyers walk away from our seminar feeling confident and encouraged, having learned vital information which prepares them to not only be a more informed buyer, but ultimately giving them a leg up when trying to decide which lake and lake house is the best for them!

3. See Different Lakes in Person

One of the biggest questions buyers have is “At which lake should I buy?”. It’s a reasonable question and with our presentation, buyers will learn exactly what makes each lake different. By attending the seminar they will be able to visit these lakes in-person and will be able to see what each lake has to offer. There is no better way to decide if a lake is right for you, than seeing it for yourself. Attendees will be able to see the view, the lake, the community and even several of the amenities when they come to the seminar.

2. Meet our HGTV Builder!

One of the more exciting bits of news for the company… This May, we will be featured on HGTV’s new hit show Lakefront Bargain Hunt: Renovation! Where we were able to help a buyer purchase their dream lake home and guide them through the process of a complete rehab, with the help of one of our recommended builders, Bob Pack with Quality Construction Services.. When coming to the seminar, attendees will be able to meet him in-person and ask questions regarding the show and the lake home building process. Also, Bob will be providing several parts of the presentation and will be giving information on seawalls, docks, and other vital parts of the construction of a lake home.

1. Meet the Lakefront Living Realty Team!

Meet the team that makes it all happen! Our broker and agents will be at both seminars, and buyers will be able to ask each of us questions regarding our experience and knowledge of various Ohio lakes. You will meet our resident specialists for both Candlewood Lake and Apple Valley Lake; and you will hear from our owner/broker, Chris Mosier, about her experience being on HGTV. Attendees will be able to further understand our passion for bringing people together “one lake house at a time”! Not to mention attendees will get a firsthand opportunity to witness our drive and knowledge!

Overall the Ohio Lakefront Living Realty Buyer’s Seminar will be a blast! Attendees will experience enjoyable company, get to see lakes, meet our team and HGTV builder… and maybe even win a free kayak! We can’t wait to see everyone there!

Check out this link to register for our seminar free of charge!

Buyer’s Seminar Registration

Written by Justin Shelton Lakefront Consultant – The Lake Team


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