4 Winter Activites at Ohio Lakefront Communities

4 Winter Activities at Ohio Lakefront Communities

Whether you use your lake house for recreation, or if you live there year round, its always a good idea to know and understand what your lake has to offer in the winter. We know that the summer has boating, fishing, kayaking, tubing, going to the beach and all other sorts of fun things to do, but what about the winter? Below are 4 Winter Activities at Ohio Lakefront Communities to check into at your lakefront community.

1. Ice fishing. One of the top reasons / activities that people do at their lake house in the warmer months is fishing. There is no reason why this can’t continue in the winter. In fact ice fishing is super popular in Ohio due to the abundance of fishable lakes during the colder months. Many people travel across the state to visit several lakes including Indian Lake for it’s “first-ice” Blue Gill fishing as well as Buckeye Lake, fishing for Saugeye, where fisherman say that the ice tends to come early and stay late. Ice fishing is a great way to spend some quality bonding time as well as get a little adventure in during the winter. Just remember to stay safe when messing around with ice and to follow your local guidelines!

2. Ice skating/ hockey. Imagine roller skating, but colder and it requires a little bit more preparation and practice. Although the colder part may not be as fun for some, ice skating is definitely a fun and entertaining way to pass the time in the winter. It requires patience and practice, but that’s when the real fun can begin and you can take your turn at playing ice hockey. Ice hockey can be a fun family pastime, or maybe you are interested in playing competitive and join a local group or team? The options are numerous for this activity and should remain an option for the whole family.  Of course, just like ice fishing, the depth of the ice always needs to be checked before attempting this activity.

3. Snowmobiling. This activity can be a little trickier since whatever lake you are at needs to have the room and capability to allow snowmobiles. But some lakes have multiple trails nearby where you can take your favorite winter vehicles, and others even allow you to take them for a spin on the lake. At Indian Lake you can drive your snowmobile across the lake and park at some of your favorite local restaurants such as the Cranberry. If you’ve got the room, take out your snowmobile for a spin and let the rush wake you up from that winter slump!

4. Winter amenities. And last but not least don’t forget that your lakefront community more than likely has amenities in place to keep its year round residents entertained and happy during the colder months. Check into your local community center; several of them offer indoor pools, workout facilities, and several indoor clubs to be a part of. I know first hand that the pickle-ball club at Apple Valley Lake has had a large increase in popularity. Don’t be afraid to branch out within your community and actually see what those HOA fees are all paying for.

Of course, when mentioning winter activities it’s always important to mention to double check with your HOA or local governing body first before attempting anything, as ice can be very dangerous. Make sure these activities are allowed, and ALWAYS make sure that the lake / ice is at a safe level before attempting any of these activities.


Written by Justin Shelton Lakefront Consultant – The Lake Team


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