Quick Tips on Hunting in Your Ohio Lakefront Community

Quick Tips on Hunting in Your Ohio Lakefront Community

For many out there who dream of a lake house, they envision a beachfront cottage, or an elaborate brand new build on a residential lake. For others out there they imagine a small cabin out in a remote wooded area by water where they can enjoy a more rustic experience with their weekend getaway. Part of these rustic experiences include camping, bonfires, limited cell phone service, fishing and of course hunting. Hunting, whether for sustenance or for sport is a practice that needs to abide by state laws, safety regulations and of course the rules of the lake community. So let’s go over a few quick tips for hunting in your Ohio Lakefront community.

1. Understand the Difference Between Lake Communities

Hunters at all lakes must abide by state laws, as far as which season is in place, and safety requirements. However, certain types of lakes also have a general set of rules to abide by. Private lakes do not allow hunting within their communities without special permits, and some of them do not allow hunting of any type. State Parks and Muskingum Watershed Lakes are more open to allowing hunting, including deer, turkey, and waterfowl; they also have adjoining property where hunters can be more free to enjoy their sport

2. Know What’s to Hunt at Your Lake

Not every lake has the same hunting. Some of the more remote lakes will have deer and turkey to hunt but one of the main advantages of hunting at the lake communities is the opportunity to hunt waterfowl such as duck. Indian Lake and Seneca Lake are renowned for having great waterfowl hunting.

3. Know the Limits For Your Lake

Although the state has laws on seasons and limits, each lake, especially private lakes will have separate time periods that fall within the state limits. Understand that although the state may allow you to hunt a certain animal at a time of year does not mean that your specific lake community will allow you to hunt that animal. Also understand that the state may allow you to hunt a certain animal X amount of times, does not meant that lakefront community will allow that many. For example the MWCD lakes have their own limits on waterfowl hunting.

4. Understand Your Surroundings

The lake communities in Ohio, although some may seem more remote than others, are heavily dominated with residential areas. Some of the lakes as mentioned before have separate areas for hunters, but besides those areas hunters need to make sure to abide by safety rules. Hunters also need to make sure to be aware of where the neighborhood homes are in proximity of where they are hunting. With waterfowl, hunters will be positioned on the water or the edge of the water, if its a smaller lake they need to be careful firing across the lake.

And those are just some of the quick tips for hunting at your Ohio lakefront community! Make sure to talk to your lakefront specialist about your Ohio lakefront community or before purchasing a lakefront cabin for your rustic weekend retreat!

Written by Justin Shelton Lakefront Consultant – The Lake Team

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