Lakefront Living Realty Ohio Pottery Barn Holiday Party!

Lakefront Living Realty Ohio Pottery Barn Holiday Party!

This year Lakefront Living Realty Ohio decided that it was time to throw a holiday party that really focuses on connecting with clients and allowing them an opportunity to actually get something in return that benefited them in a meaningful way that was tangible. This year, The Lake Team grouped together to come up with a great idea to throw a joint party with Pottery Barn! This way clients would be able to enjoy a typical party / get together with wine and conversation but also have another motivation to attend, and we were lucky to get every client of ours that showed up a 20% discount on any purchase they had that evening, allowing them to purchase items that would be perfect for the lake homes we had helped them buy!

Honestly, it was a great turnout and I was very satisfied with how many friends and clients showed up, and with how excited and pleased our clients where with the event itself. Almost every client who showed up was able to take advantage of the discount we were able to arrange with Pottery Barn. Not to mention it was a wonderful time to catch up with clients who we hadn’t seen in awhile and were able to have great conversation over a few glasses of wine.

With the holidays approaching it was also a very nice opportunity to see clients and wish them a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year all at the same time all the while giving them a discount at a very popular place to shop. With the feedback from clients, Lakefront Living Ohio is hoping to be able to throw a similar event each year, hopefully focusing on once again giving clients something in return that is a tangible reward for their loyalty for using Lakefront Living Realty for all their lakefront real estate needs! So look out next year for another event or two!

For a full video of our event please click here !

See you next year

Written By Justin Shelton Lakefront Consultant – The Lake Team


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