The Tilted Hilton: An Ohio Lakefront Restaurant Review

If  there is one advantage to living at a public lake is that, unlike most private lake associations, public lakes have businesses surrounding them. And one of the most important businesses around the lake is the restaurant.

Where am I going to eat? Can I go there on my boat? Is there a view?

These are questions lakefront specialists get asked constantly about lakefront restaurants and of course some of the bigger lakes have your chain restaurants such as McDonald’s and Taco Bell, but if you’re looking to enhance the lakefront living lifestyle, then those chain restaurants aren’t going to cut it.

If there is one place I recommend it is The Tilted Hilton located at Indian Lake, Ohio. At first glance the restaurant may not catch your eye, it’s not fancy by any means and is located over in an area called Turkeyfoot on the north side of the lake. It’s more of an old school bar / dive set up and it’s entire flooring inside is crooked and slanted, hence its namesake. It’s a place where water is from the bottle and Pepsi comes from a can, and the menu is in block letters on the wall like an old-time ice cream shop.

The restaurant doesn’t have much of a lake view to speak of, there is seating outside where you can catch a glimpse of water in the channel that the building sits. But you can drive your boat to the restaurant and dock it, and the Tilted Hilton is a place where you commonly see an array of motorcycles outside. They don’t have a credit card machine or a nice POS touch screen system to take order with. But if there is one reason to stop at The Tilted Hilton, and the main reason why I decided to write this review, is the burger.

That’s right. The burger. Most people can tell if a restaurant uses fresh meat or frozen patties, and there is 100% chance that the burger at The Tilted Hilton is not frozen. It’s juicy, big, fresh. All the best things a burger should be. Now, other items on the menu are fine to eat and can satisfy your hunger, my girlfriend personally likes the corn nuggets, but the burger is worth a stop into the building. Every other short coming the restaurant has can easily be ignored when you bite into the juicy burger they serve you. If you’re looking for a restaurant to wear a suit and tie, sit on the deck and watch a sunset over the lake while sipping a glass of expensive wine, this isn’t your place. The Titled Hilton is where you go on a hot summer day in a cut off tee and dig your hands into a juicy piece of beef with extra napkins on the side to wipe your mouth every ten seconds from the constant spray of delicious burger juice. Literally that one item on the menu is so delicious it’s enough to put this smaller old-school bar on the map with any other restaurant at Indian Lake.

So take a trip to The Titled Hilton at Indian Lake and order that burger! You won’t be disappointed!

Justin Shelton Lakefront Consultant – “The Lake Team”

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