What Kind of Lake View Do You Want at Your Ohio Lake House?

What Kind of Lake View Do You Want?

One of the top reasons why many people want a lake house is so that they can enjoy the breathtaking view of the water. Some will tell you that the view can be so relaxing that it will make all your troubles melt away. Often people don’t realize that the there are several different types of lake view and each one comes with it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

The Cove View

All lakes will have coves in them, some more than others, but the view in a cove can be very limited. You won’t get the panoramic lake view that you may have wanted. Depending on the depth of the cove you may see some water before seeing another house across the way, or if you’re really far back in the cove you may only have enough water to get your boat in the lake; the view is secondary. The plus side to having a lake house in the cove is that the price of the home will be far less than if the house were on the main lake. The view for lake homes often dictates the value and so for someone struggling to meet a higher price point, or simply not wanting too, buying a house in a cove can get them lake access and a partial view at the least. The other benefit is that being located in a cove means that the view might be less appealing as the waters are far less rough since there is no wake. This makes it easier to swim and fish right off your dock, and a lot less maintenance on your sea wall.

The Main Lake View

This type of the lake view is the one most associated with when potential buyers think of getting their dream lake house. The wide open shot of the water with no house in site. This view can be relaxing and breathtaking but it makes it that much more expensive. The difference between cove view homes and main lake homes at a place like Apple Valley can be several hundred thousand dollars.  The main lake view is much more desirable which makes the competition for getting them much more steep. Being on the main lake also means more wake, so along with your view comes a more expensive sea wall to hold back the erosion from the wake you get along the lake shore.

The Wooded View

Some of the lakes in Ohio are more secluded and rural giving lake house residents a wooded lake view. Often times there are trees and forestry around the lake frontage in front your home, meaning that the lake view can be only partial due to the wooded tree line. However the lake can also give a wooded lake view from the other side. In the more rustic lakes such as Hide a way Hills this means that when looking across the lake when your eyes reach the other side you see a wooded tree line instead of other houses. For someone who wants more of a weekend get-a-way or a more rustic experience this can be the type of lake view to strive for.

The Suburban View

For many of the lakes here in Ohio they are heavily condensed with homes in an effort to get as many houses at the lake as possible. This means that on the other side of the lake there will always be other homes, so when your eyes drift across the water that’s the kind of view you will have. In a cove view situation this can be amplified as there is often times very little water to buffer the view of the other homes. However, this type of view is the most common at Ohio lakes, the best way to combat this is to get  a lake house with large panoramic view, making the distance your eyes have to travel to see another house: farther.

The Sunrise / Sunset View

Depending on which side of the lake your house sits on you will get the sunrise view, the sunset view or a piece of one. Sunrise views can be great in the early morning as they are beautiful as the sun comes up over the water. If you are a morning person it can be a great way to greet the day, but be warned that the sun can always blast you with heat and light so if you’re not prepared for it or a fan of getting up early then the sunrise lake view may not be for you. The sunset view on the other hand is often more desired by lake buyers as it is appealing to see a beautiful sunset right over the water in front of your house. However these sunsets can be easily missed especially if you are out on your boat or inside.

Make sure to talk to your lakefront specialist about which type of lake view you would like at your lake house as these views can come in different variations and combinations at different lakes across Ohio. Remember life is short!

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Written By Justin Shelton Lakefront Consultant – The Lake Team



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