4 Reasons A Lakefront Home Is Perfect For The Family

Summers at Grandma’s Lake House

Once a month, a group of women in their 60s would gather in a 23-foot Sea Sprite and bar hop their way around Buckeye Lake. They called themselves the Ladies of the Lake. The leader of the group, Midge Kelley planned each outing and she was always found behind the wheel of the boat.

Midge was indeed the lady of Buckeye Lake. Everybody knew who my grandmother was. She would take us out on her pontoon boat and there wasn’t a minute that went by where she wasn’t waving to a familiar face. One hand on the wheel, the other giving a friendly hello.

Ever since she was a little girl, she wanted to be near the water. Every year, her parents planned their summer vacation to Buckeye Lake. They’d rent a cabin and spend the next two glorious weeks at the lake — swimming at the local sandbar, eating too much cotton candy at Buckeye Lake’s amusement park, fishing, and so on. She absolutely loved it out there.

As grandma grew up she’d gather her closest friends and head to the lake every chance she could get. Each Sunday, they’d return back to Columbus, sunburnt and already planning their next weekend getaway. As soon as the weather started to warm up, my sister and I would beg and plead with our parents to take us to grandma’s house on the lake. Looking back now, those were some of my best childhood memories.

Over the course of the next 17 years, she would host friends and family there. From Fourth of July’s spent gazing up at the fireworks as they simmered into the water, to casting my first fishing line, cannonball contests at Onion Island’s sandbar, Weldon’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream, tubing and more — we barely spent our summers on land!

There isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t bring up the good old days out at Buckeye Lake. We just rang in her 90th birthday last March where 50 of her friends and family members gathered together to celebrate. Four generations of her family surrounded her as she closed her eyes and blew out her giant, pink 9-0 candles on top of her cake. Something tells me I had a pretty good idea of what she wished for that day… – Rachel


4 Reasons A Lakefront Home Is Perfect For The Family:


  1. Location- Living at the lake or having it as your second home a few hours away, there’s nothing like being by the water. After a long week at work, your kids’ midterm exams, maybe you just went on maternity leave… what better place to stow away than your lakefront home? Escape to nature, where you can seize a few moments of reprieve from the hustle & bustle of city life
  2. Investment Opportunity– The great thing about lakefront property is that it holds its value better than most any other real estate! So this amazing lifestyle also makes for a great investment.
  3. Community- Lakefront communities tend to be exactly that: communities… without living atop each other. You have the opportunity to get involved with community events; and the abundance of activities are sure cover all age groups. Watersports, sunbathing, neighborhood walks, biking, local trails, “docktail” parties, cookouts, SUP yoga, local fundraisers… The list goes on. You’re sure to add a few neighbors to your family circle.
  4. Tradition- Although #2 pointed out investment opportunities, your lakefront home is more than just a piece of property. The lake life becomes a family tradition to be passed down from generation to generation. And just as Midge Kelley’s family looked forward to spending their summers at the lake, yours will too!



By: Rachel Cabakoff

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