Visiting Buckeye Lake, OH

Buckeye Lake, Ohio, is known for its beautiful lakefront views and water activities. There is host of attractions that make it a perfect vacation spot. While visiting Buckeye Lake, OH offers a glimpse into fun activities the area has to offer, living lakeside provides a unique lifestyle that many aspire to. Whether you’re looking to […]

Waterfront Dining on Buckeye Lake

There’s something special about dining at a waterfront restaurant that sets it apart from any other dining experience. The refreshing breeze, and the stunning views make for a memorable meal. Even when you own a lake home, venturing out for dinner, you still want to be lakeside! The opportunities to eat at a waterfront restaurant […]

Top Ohio Lake Communities for Ice Fishing this Winter Season

Top Ohio Lake Communities for Ice Fishing this Winter Season With January about to start wrapping up that doesn’t leave lake community residents too many more weeks to keep ice fishing. Although Ohio has seen some pretty heavy winter storms lately (and another possibly on the way) anyone who is thinking about doing some ice […]

Buckeye Lake: An Update on the Dam Construction

There has been no shortage of news from Buckeye Lake in the last year. After a report released by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers stated that the “likelihood of dam failure is high,” due in large part to damage from the more than 370 homes built directly on the structure, Buckeye Lake has taken […]