3 Common Mistakes Made By Ohio Lakefront Buyers

3 Common Mistakes Made by Ohio Lakefront Buyers

Often buyers make the mistake that buying a lakefront home in Ohio is the same as buying any other property. It’s not, and too often, if a person is not working with a lakefront specialist they can make a substantial mistake. So here are 3 common mistakes that first time lakefront buyers make that can ultimately spoil their new lakefront living experience.

  1. Not Estimating Drive Time Hassle

The truth is that there are not too many lakes within short driving distance of a major city, and if there is they are usually expensive. Hoover Reservoir, the only lake located inside the city of Columbus Ohio, is very expensive and the next closest lake is at least 45 minutes. So, most buyers are looking at least a 45 minute or 1 hour drive but often they make the mistake of looking out even further, 1.5 hours or even 2 or 3 hours. Don’t underestimate the hassle of spending so much time driving to your lake house. If the drive becomes too far or too much of a hassle, you’ll find yourself going there less and less until the day arrives where you realize you didn’t use the house all summer and it has been sitting unused. In today’s world taking a weekend off isn’t as easy as it used to be, sometimes we can only take one day off, and putting in a lot of drive-time for only one day’s worth at the lake can be quite the hassle.

  1. Understanding Boating Rules and Regulations

A lot of people don’t even look at boating rules, and if they do they look right at horsepower limits and that’s about it. Well there is nothing worse than buying a new lake house and buying a new boat and then find out that it’s too big to be allowed inside the lake. That’s right, most lakes, especially the smaller private lakes have size limits. And if you already own a boat you may want to double check that you can use it at the lake you are about to buy at. Also, the type of boat makes a difference, house boats are not allowed at most lakes in Ohio and not every lake allows jet skis. Some lakes have rules against modifications on boats as well; Choctaw Lake doesn’t allow rooster tail devices on boats. Make sure to check ALL the boating rules and regulations before buying a new lake home.

  1. Size of Home

Many people that go to by a lake house have a general idea of how they are going to use the house and how many people will be using it. A common mistake made is that individuals assume that they need a giant house because they have a large family. The truth is that if you’re kids are young they are often busy in the summers with sports or friends. And if your children are adults a lot of time their children are busy in the summer with sports and other events. A lot of people may use the lake house for entertaining friends or throwing parties, and in that case a larger home may be what they need. Make sure to take a closer look at how many people will use the house on a consistent basis. Sometimes maybe a smaller bungalow may be a better option; no use maintaining a large secondary home if nobody is going to use it.

Make sure to check with your lakefront specialist about these points and see what lake is right for you.

Written by Justin Shelton Lakefront Consultant – The Lake Team

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