Top Amenities to Have in Your Ohio Lakefront Community

Top Amenities to Have in Your Ohio Lakefront Community

Everyone knows that the top reason that you buy a lake house is for the view and for the lake; boating, fishing, skiing, it all happens on the water. However, whether you live at the lake full time or part time, or if you have a family or kids or by yourself, you may want to take a break from the water. When this happens, and you or your family want to take a break from boating you will want to use some of the other amenities at your lake community! That’s why it’s important to recognize what some of the top amenities in lake communities are so you can look for them when deciding on what lake community you want to purchase your lake house at!


One of the best parts of lake life is enjoying a meal and drink by the lakeside and taking in the view while you do it. Sometimes you don’t have the time or desire to cook at home so a nice easy boat trip down to the community restaurant and hangout can be a great way to take a break and relax with the family! Make sure to check out what all goes on at these restaurants and what the menus are like; some have good food and drinks, trivia nights and other activities such as the Lodge at Hide-a-way Hills which has a trivia night once a week and microbrewery where they make their own delicious Pale Ale!


Sometimes a nice day at the beach can be a lot of fun! If your lake community has a nice pleasant beach you can make a day trip with the family to go play in the sand and still get a great view but take a break away from the boat! Enjoy sand volleyball, grilling out, sunbathing, and every other activity you can think of while on solid ground with your friends and family! Check and see if your lakefront community has a beach and what kind of shape it’s in, if the sand is kept clean and how much use it gets!

Golf Course

Nothing says “break” like taking a day to enjoy a nice golf outing! You can enjoy this activity whether you’re an experienced golfer or just enjoy time with your friends and family out on the green. Many lakefront communities have well up kept courses such as Apple Valley Lake, which has one of the best 18 hole golf courses in the county! Make sure to look into if your potential community has a golf course and what size it is and what kind of shape its in.

Swimming Pool

Not everyone enjoys swimming in lake water, but if your community has a really nice pool you can take your family to a nice day at the pool and enjoy some quality swimming time. Most lake community pools will also have diving boards and concession stands to take advantage of. Some lakes have both an indoor and outdoor pool, kiddie pools, and Olympic swimming lanes. If you and family enjoy the water, make sure to check out lakes with quality pools that you can use when you’re not out on the lake!

Tennis / Pickleball Courts

And last but not least make sure your community has some type of court to get in some exercise and fun with your friends and family. If you want a break away from the water, you can use your time to go play tennis or pickleball to burn away some stress before heading back out on the water.

Make sure to talk to your family about what other amenities you may need or enjoy as another activity to do when you visit your lake house. Different lake communities across Ohio have different amenities so make sure to talk it over with your lakefront specialist before making a decision. And remember Life is Short – Buy the Lake House!

Written by Justin Shelton Lakefront Consultant – The Lake Team









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