Top New Year Resolution Ideas: Courtesy of the Ohio Lake Team!

Top New Year Resolution Ideas: Courtesy of the Ohio Lake Team!

As the new year approaches us everyone is more than excited to celebrate with friends and family! It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate the passing of another year and welcome the beginning of another and hope that everyone’s future holds something bright in store for them. One of the many traditions of the New Year is to issue a new year’s resolution; to set a goal for yourself to accomplish in the new year that will better yourself and your future. Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with meaningful goals that can be accomplished, so here at Lakefront Living Realty we decided to put a list together for everyone full of fun and exciting resolutions for you and the whole family.


This goal is obviously number one for your New Year resolution. There are so many reasons to get a lake house; maybe you and the family have wanted a lake house for awhile and it’s time to pull the trigger, or maybe you’re finally ready to retire to the lake house of your dreams, either way make this year the year you finally do it. A  lake house can bring you and your family joyful memories, the view can be therapeutic to some, and it of course can be the reward you have earned after years of hard work. Whatever the reason is to get one, make 2018 the year that you finally fulfill that dream!


There are very few things that generates more enjoyment that a jet ski. Kids and adults alike can enjoy them (depending on which lake you live at) and they provide a unique water experience that few other water toys can give you. No doubt the kids have hounded you for an extended period of time over buying this type of watercraft but make this year the year that you finally give in and fulfill the family desire to own a personal watercraft that lets you fly up and down the lake at top speed!


The lakefront community is constantly coming out with new and exciting things from water trampolines, to stand up paddle boarding, every year something new is released that inspires people to get out on the water and experience everything the lake has to offer. The past few years have come out with new and exciting toys and you and your family should borrow one of our top new year resolution ideas to experience all of these for yourself. Make sure to take advantage of everything the lakefront lifestyle has to offer, there is para sailing, electric wake boards, kayaking, tubing, water cycling, etc. There are countless activities out there that may just be what you and the family never knew you needed. Be more adventurous this year and have at it with the fun!


Not every lake community resident realizes how much their community actually has to offer them; many communities hold events and celebrations that can be fun for the entire family. Don’t be afraid this year to reach out and get involved with your community. Go to a firework show! Go to a holiday party! Attend one of the fishing tournaments! These events can be a great joy for the entire family and can possibly bring something that was missing in your lake community experience. Set a resolution this year to be more involved and fully realize the potential of your lake community!

In summary, feel free to borrow some of these top new year resolution ideas for yourself this year and add them to your own. Make sure to make this year a great one for you and your family! Happy New Year!

Written By Justin Shelton Lakefront Consultant – The Lake Team.





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