Reasons Why You Need a Lakefront Specialist in Ohio

Reasons Why You Need a Lakefront Specialist in Ohio

In the world of real estate there are two types of real estate agents, those who are general real estate agents, and then there are specialists. General agents do a little bit of everything, becoming available to any client to satisfy their real estate needs. Specialist narrow their focus and either work specifically in one market area or they focus on one specific type of property. Here at Lakefront Living Realty, we specialize in Lakefront property. Now there are a few reasons why you would need a lakefront specialist in Ohio to guide you on your journey to buying your dream lake home.

There are More Lakes in Ohio Than People Realize

The fact is that Ohio has dozens of lakes where residences can own lakeside property. The problem is that most people don’t know about them. The average person in Ohio could probably list two lakes if they had to; Lake Erie, and Buckeye Lake, both being popular and semi-famous for the state. However, the truth is that there are well over fifty lakes in the state of Ohio that could potentially be the location of your lake home. The issue is finding these lakes, the good news is that your Lakefront Specialist already has the knowledge of where each lake is at.

Each Lake has it’s Own Rules and Regulations

The down side to there being so many lakes in Ohio to choose from to purchase your dream lake house, is that not every lake is the same. Every lake will have different rules and regulations, affecting boat speed, boat type allowed, and what water sports are allowed. Not to mention that each lake will have different sizes, depths, fish species, amenities etc. For instance Apple Valley is a private lake with no horsepower limit and is approximately five hundred and eleven acres in size. Just one hour away sits Candlewood Lake, another private lake but is two hundred and fifty acres, no horsepower limit but does not allow jet skis.These slight differences could make or break the lake you choose to buy at. Researching through dozens of lakes websites and making calls to each home owner’s association (if applicable) can take countless hours of time. However, your lakefront specialist has already done all the research for you. Not only can we tell you which lakes are in your drive range, we can also tell you the facts about each lake and help you find the best lake that fits what you ad your family need.

Purchasing and Owning a Lakefront Home is Different

The fact is that there are many potential clients of ours that have already bought and sold several residences over the years. However, buying and owning a lakefront home is not the same as owning a regular residential home. For instance, establishing value on a lake home is different because you have to give value adjustments to location around the lake, the view, and which lake it’s at. The same house at two separate lakes will not necessarily be worth the same price. Also, when buying a lake home buyers need to understand that the property has several components that they may not be familiar with such as seawalls, docks, boat lifts, etc. All these items are things that your lakefront specialist can you help you inspect before you buy, give value judgments on for repair or replacement, and can also help you understand how to maintain these items once you own the property.

All in all getting a lakefront specialist is relatively easy (just call or email us) and well worth it. For those experienced in real estate they know that having a realtor who understand the market and type of property they are buying can be highly valuable and as I explained it can make your search for your lake home faster and easier.

Written by Justin Shelton Lakefront Consultant – The Lake Team


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