Top Residential Lakefront Communites in Ohio for Muskie Fishing

Top Residential Lakefront Communities in Ohio for Muskie Fishing

For many anglers in Ohio, Muskellunge, or commonly known as Muskie, are a very high prized fish around the state. Muskie are the largest fish of the pike family and are generally captured as trophy fish due to their size, strength and status as an apex predator in the waters were they naturally live. However due to slow reproduction and overfishing most areas have a strenuous catch and release policy. For a lot of anglers who are looking for a lake to pursue their recreational fishing, most want to know what the top Ohio residential lake communities are to catch muskellunge. Although there are 10 reservoirs in Ohio that are stocked with Muskie, not all ten are residential lakes, where owning lakefront property is an option. So below is a list of the lakes in Ohio where they are top lakes for Muskie fishing and allow opportunities to own a lakefront property in order to experience the full lakefront lifestyle.

1. Lake Milton

Lake Milton is a 1,695 acre reservoir located in Mahoning County with 23 miles of shoreline. It is a picturesque lake with beautiful views and is only 1 hour away from Cleveland. Anglers will appreciate the full service marina at the lake, offering gear and supplies for all their fishing needs. Although Lake Milton is not scheduled for regular Muskie stocking they do receive fingerlings if surplus are available and does get stocked regularly despite that. Muskie have been caught at this lake over 50 inches. The lake is also popular with residents as it has plenty of offshore amenities, and when anglers do eventually get tired of fishing, the lake has unlimited horsepower and residents can enjoy tubing and other recreational bating activities. With this specific lake the shoreline is overwhelmingly developed and so lakefront homes can be found each year in a reasonable number and reasonable cost. It is a perfect spot for a dedicated Muskie fisherman who also wants a lakefront home.

2. Leesville Lake

One of the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy Lakes, Leesville is stocked annually with Muskellunge, receiving one fingerling per surface acre of water. Located in Carrollton the lake is 2 hours from both Cleveland and Columbus. The lake is 1,000 acres with a maximum depth of 45 feet. There is a restriction on horsepower at the lake keeping the waters still and desirable for anglers who want to fish at any time of the day. Anglers will also appreciate having 2 full service marinas at their disposable in order to purchase fuel and fishing supplies for their pursuit of Muskie. However, with Leesville anglers can expect a higher amount of fisherman as the percentage of success to catch a trophy sized muskellunge is high, and the lake is regarded as one of the best Muskie spots in the state. Regulars say that fishing along the north bank results in a better chance of making a good catch.

3. Piedmont Lake

One of the most rugged and scenic lakes in Ohio, and a Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District, Piedmont is one of the premier fishing lakes in Ohio, let alone for Muskellunge. Located in Freeport, the lake is 2 hours from both Cleveland and Columbus. With 2,270 acres of water, a maximum depth of 38 feet and a 10 horsepower limit this lake is prime for anglers to experience a peaceful and serene setting to try and catch that prize Muskie. The lake is the current state record holder for largest Muskie caught weighing in at 55 lbs and 3oz with a length of 50 1/2 inches. The lake typically produces at least 1 50 + inch Muskie every year. Muskie fishing here is usually best at the dam area, Essex bay and Marina Bay.


Although serious anglers will have years of experience and knowledge at their disposal, for any beginning Muskie sportsman here are some additional tips for catching the prize fish.

: Master the Figure 8 Fishing Technique

: Mid-May until Mid- July is the best time to be at any of the Ohio Muskie Lakes

: Bring needle nose pliers and mini-bolt cutters as Muskie are strong, big, and their teeth can cause injury as well as get caught into landing nets

For more information visit the ODNR webpage

So in recap there are three lakes that are the top Muskie fishing lakes in Ohio and are also residential areas that give anglers the opportunity the own lakefront property at their favorite fishing lake. Piedmont Lake, Lake Milton, and Leesville Lake are the top residential lakefront communities in Ohio for Muskie fishing. Good luck out there anglers!

Written by Justin Shelton Lakefront Consultant – The Lake Team




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