Landscaping around your Ohio lake home

As you enjoy the winter season at your Ohio lake home, consider taking proactive steps to prepare for the upcoming spring. Landscaping around your Ohio lake home can enhance its beauty and create a serene environment. While the landscape may be covered in snow, planning and preparing during the winter months can set the stage for a vibrant springtime environment. Take this time to research and select the appropriate plants, plan any necessary maintenance, and envision the transformation that will unfold as winter gives way to the renewal of spring. Winter is the perfect season to lay the groundwork for a picturesque lakeside landscape that will come to life with the arrival of warmer days. Here are some lakeside landscaping tips for your Ohio lake home:

Choose native plants that thrive in the Ohio climate. Native plants are adapted to the local conditions and require less maintenance.

Create a buffer zone between your home and the lake to prevent soil erosion. Use native grasses, shrubs, and trees to stabilize the soil.

Consider planting aquatic plants along the water’s edge. This not only adds aesthetic appeal but also helps maintain water quality.

Incorporate rock gardens to provide natural drainage and prevent runoff. Rocks can also add a decorative touch to your landscape.

Install a deck or patio near the lake for a relaxing outdoor space. This can be a perfect spot for enjoying the scenic views.

Create pathways using natural materials like gravel or stepping stones. This helps to navigate through your landscape while preserving the natural surroundings.

Keep in mind the maintenance requirements of your landscaping choices. Opt for low-maintenance plants and features to make the most of your lakeside retreat.

Check with local authorities to ensure your landscaping plans comply with any regulations related to lakeside development and environmental conservation.


Always consider the unique characteristics of your property and the local ecosystem when planning your lakeside landscaping. This ensures a harmonious blend of natural beauty and human habitation. Embrace the beauty of lakefront living in Ohio by incorporating these lakeside landscaping tips into your winter preparations. Your lakeside retreat is not just a home; it’s a connection to nature’s wonders waiting to unfold with each passing season.

Posted by Chris Moiser, Lakefront Living Realty “The Lake Team”

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