Lakefront Living Realty Ohio New Agent Intro: Dick Miller

Lakefront Living Realty Ohio New Agent Intro: Dick Miller

The last blog the company posted we talked about how the company had recently been blessed to be able to open up a new satellite office at Candlewood Lake. This was done in part because Candlewood has been a popular lake for us to work at these past few years and provides a lovely private lake within short driving distance of Columbus and the rest of central Ohio. The main reason why we were able to open up a satellite office is because we recently brought on a new agent, a man with years of real estate experience who lives at and who specializes in the Candlewood Lake Market. And last week since we took the time to let everyone know more about Candlewood, I figured this week would be the perfect opportunity to explain who exactly our new lakefront specialist is and why he’s the perfect man to help our clients with Candlewood Lake!

Dick Miller has had a very long and personal connection with the greater Morrow County area stretching all the way back to his childhood. Dick was born in Galion Ohio, just north of the Candlewood Lake community, and went to grade school in Iberia and finished his high school education in Mount Gilead, just a few moments from Candlewood giving Dick extensive personal experience with the local school systems. Dick went on to serve his country by joining both the US Navy and the US Army at separate times and would end up retiring as a Sargent Major. After this point Dick got into real estate and ran his own brokerage, working across the greater Morrow County area and the Candlewood community. Dick worked in real estate for over 30 years doing deals all across the county and gaining invaluable experience in the Candlewood Lake community. During his real estate career Dick always had and kept an interest in the betterment of his area, and the county, and worked as the county commissioner for 6 years, doing everything in his power to better his community. Once his 6 years was up as Commissioner Dick would also go on to serve, and currently still does serve, on the Consolidated Electric Board of Directors in an attempt to still stay close to the community he lives in.

During the 30 years that Dick worked in real estate he found himself falling in love with Candlewood Lake and highly enjoyed the peaceful and quiet waters and decided to purchase a lovely lakefront home. As of now Dick and his wife have lived at Candlewood for 15 years and have been involved with the community ever since they moved in.

(a picture of Dick’s backyard at Candlewood Lake!)

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They frequently enjoy taking their pontoon boat out for casual rides on the lake, enjoying the serene waters. The Millers enjoy their lakefront community at Candlewood and are well known for their annual 4th of July party. With his years of community involvement, real estate experience and personal time and experience at Candlewood Lake Dick is perfect for any buyer who is curious or interested in the community. Lakefront Living Realty is thrilled to have brought on such an expert in his lakefront community and we are excited to see how many buyers and sellers Dick can help at Candlewood through his career here at Lakefront Living Realty!

Written by Justin Shelton Lakefront Consultant – The Lake Team






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