Lakefront Living Realty Ohio New Agent Intro: Nathan Shelton

Lakefront Living Realty Ohio New Agent Intro: Nathan Shelton

Lakefront Living Realty is proud to announce that the Ohio branch has recently added a new agent to the The Lake Team family! For the past several years the company has continued to dominate the lakefront market throughout Ohio and has had the opportunity to bring new agents on board to try and further our reach and hit our goal of helping every possible lakefront buyer find their dream lake home! This time around the company has brought on Nathan Shelton, a young and business minded professional who has decided to leave the corporate world behind to pursue his real estate passion!

Born in Elgin, Illinois, Nathan Shelton was raised by a hardworking single mother who taught him the value of work ethic and integrity which he took to heart as a young adult. He spent his youth heavily involved in Boy Scouts of America, even achieving the highest rank possible as Eagle Scout before deciding to enlist in the United States Marine Corps. As a young man Nathan always felt a calling to serve his country and to be a part of something larger than himself, and so he fit right into the Marine Corps culture. He eventually rose to the rank of Seargant  after years of hard work within the Marines. He spent 5 years in the Corps as a technician on communications equipment, and he spent over 1 year of his service in the desert of Iraq across two different deployments serving his nation and his unit.


After returning home from service, Nathan decided to pursue his thirst for knowledge and earned his MBA before ending up as a manager in the engineer department of AT&T. He worked for several years at the company using his technical skills to design and manage large projects involving communication systems. After realizing that the corporate machine wasn’t for him Nathan looked to find a career that suited his desire to help others and to be truly excited for his job. Moving to Columbus just 1 year ago, Nathan knew that his heart was set on real estate.

Although opportunities in Columbus for real estate are plentiful with the hot market the city is currently experiencing, Nathan knew that he wanted to find a branch that he was particularly excited about: The Lake Lifestyle. Nathan had always had a special place in his heart for the water and for most of his enlistment in the Marine Corps he was stationed in California where the ocean-side beach was only moments way. It was there that he found his love for the water, and it was during his two deployments to a hostile desert without any that made him appreciate it even more. When learning that the mission of Lakefront Living Realty The Lake Team was to pair every possible buyer in the state of Ohio with their dream lake house, Nathan knew that the company was where he was meant to be.

Nathan has spent the last several months studying the various lakes around Ohio and becoming familiar with their individual markets and what it means to purchase and sell lakefront property. He has since become a regular visitor to several of the lakes and has even mentioned Tappan Lake, and Seneca Lake as two of his favorite lakes so far. After putting his work ethic and determination to the test, he is finally ready to take his place with The Lake Team and start helping lakefront buyers BUY THE LAKE HOUSE!

Written By Justin Shelton lakefront Consultant – The Lake Team



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