Four Tips for Building a Custom Lake House in Ohio

Four Tips for Building a Custom Lake House in Ohio

As many prospective buyers will attest to, one of the more popular decisions in getting a lake house is building a custom lake house, this way you can have everything you want. With this option buyers don’t have to settle for things they may not like with pre-existing homes. That’s why today we will be going over several tips you can follow when building a custom lake house.

Pick the Right Lot

The lot is the foundation for building a custom lake house, and it may be the most important decision that you make. Remember that you can change the house but you can’t change the location or the view. Also make sure to get the lot for a good price, you don’t want to overpay, but some markets are hotter than others and paying a good price may insure that you get the lot you really want. Before pulling the trigger on a lot, make sure to walk it with the builder you are working with. Not every lot is build-able, and you want to make sure the lot can handle whatever size house and floor-plan you are aiming to build, not mention that the slope of the lot may change with what you build, and if you want a level walkout you need your builder to assess the lot before you start building.

Pick the Right Builder

Speaking of builders, not every every contractor is capable of building a custom lake house. The truth is that custom building requires a lot more patience, creativity and     in-depth design than regular pre-made floor-plans ready for construction. Not to mention that there are a lot of areas where lake homes are different than regular homes. Make sure you have a builder who is comfortable with docks, seawalls, boat lifts, and with working with the lake you are building at. Building at Apple Valley Lake and building at Candlewood Lake are two separate things and the builder needs to understand the do’s and don’ts of that specific lake.

Give it a Lake House Feel

Remember that this home is meant to feel partly like a get-a-way, so don’t hesitate to give some variation of style compared to a regular home in the suburbs. You can use designs and themes such as beach-house, cottage, cabin, etc.Use high quality finishes, wood work, ship-lap, natural stone, or other materials to give it that lake-house look and feel. Don’t forget to incorporate parts of the house into your lake house dream. Don’t be afraid to add a wet bar, wine tasting area, great fire pit by the lake, expansive deck, rec room, or whatever it is you feel needs to be a part of building your custom lake house. That being said try to make sure there is balance, go too custom or off the books and you may shut away potential buyers if you ever need to re-sell.

Maximize the Lake House Characteristics

Going hand in hand with our last point, you should realize that the way you use your lake house will be slightly different than you would a regular home. Whatever level gives you access to the lake, may very well be where you spend most of your time. So don’t be shy to adjust your floor plan accordingly, put your wet bar, rec room, or even your kitchen on that floor if you know that’s where you’re going to be spending most of your time. Also, don’t be afraid to invest money into the areas that make it a lakehouse. Install a TON of windows. The view is a large reason why you will enjoy the house, make sure to give yourself every opportunity to see it. Put in as many sliders and windows as humanly possible without causing a structural concern. Put in an expansive deck on every level, give yourself a great screened in porch. All these things will help you experience the lake lifestyle every day.

The most important thing to remember is that the point of building a custom lake house is so that YOU can have everything you want. These are just tips but make sure you put your wants and needs first. That being said, talk to your lakefront specialist before deciding on custom building as we may have some great ideas for you!

Written by Justin Shelton Lakefront Consultant – The Lake Team

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