6 Ohio Lakes to Kayak at This Summer

Find Your Next Favorite Ohio Lake to Explore

If you’ve been searching for a new kayaking spot, Ohio’s abundance of lakes can make your choice a difficult one. Don’t worry, as the lake experts, we’ve started the research for you!

Clendening Lake (Washington Township)

Located in Harrison County, Clendening Lake is the largest undeveloped lake in Ohio, offering 1,800-acres of pristine water to explore. As a less trafficked and calmer lake, this makes it a perfect spot for first time paddlers.

Punderson Lake (located in Newbury, OH)

This natural lake is surrounded by 741-acres of Punderson State Park, It is one of Ohio’s 13 natural lakes with over 100-acres. Many classify Punderson Lake as a “crater lake” due to it’s development and depth. Some parts of this lake can get as deep at 125 feet, making it delightfully refreshing for a summer dip.

Kiser Lake (located in Champaign County)

This is the only public boating lake that doesn’t allow motors of any kind. The result? Peace & Quiet. Well, for the most part. This 400-acre lake has become quite popular for sailing and paddling enthusiasts. In addition to those looking for today’s catch (bass, white perch, and bluegill), Kiser Lake is a dream for kayaking.


Portage Lake (Manchester)

Made up of eight separate lakes that encompass its whole 2,034-acres within Portage Lakes State Park, Portage Lake offers a unique combination of wildlife & beautifully viewable lakefront homes. It is connected by a series of channels, which has it being added to our list as a worthy lake of exploring via kayaking.

Lake Milton (Milton Township)

This 1,685-acre reservoir could be considered to have some of the best in water-related activities- kayaking included. Although it is considered a hot spot for summer-goers, Lake Milton still manages to make you feel as if you are the only one out on the lake. Surrounded by gorgeous lakefront homes and nature, it’s perfect for a sightseeing excursion.


Berlin Lake (Berlin Center)

Both Lake Milton and Berlin Lake feed into Mahoning River Valley, and neither seem to disappoint. Calm waters and beautiful surroundings make up Berlin Lake and if you happen to be out on the lake as dusk rolls in, you may even see a fair bit of wildlife!


We’ve only scratched the surface of Ohio’s lakes, but these options will be sure to keep you busy well into summer. Ohio has something for everyone!

Do you have a favorite Ohio lake? Comment below!


By: Rachel Cabakoff

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